Uber Starts Petition to Bring its Transportation Network to Calgary


Today, Uber has started a petition to bring its service to Calgary. 

The company says that transportation in Calgary is limited and Uber would provide the variety at a cost that is more affordable than city taxis and limos. Currently, the cost of a taxi in Calgary can cost an average of $80 for a ride that is less than 15 minutes.

“Under the current regulations, you can’t catch a limo or sedan ride in Calgary for less than $80 —even if it’s only a 15-minute trip. Oh—and you have to arrange that ride at least 30 minutes in advance. That doesn’t put consumers first and simply isn’t the Uber way; we connect users with the safest and most reliable ride, at the best possible price, when they need it.”

If you would like to see Uber come to Calgary you can sign the company’s petition and tweet at the City of Calgary using the hashtag #CalgaryNeedsUber. 

“On September 8, Calgary City Council will receive a biased and misleading report from a city-run committee stacked with players from the BIG taxi and limo industry. This committee of ‘advisors’ continues to advance a protectionist agenda that outlaws rider choice and preserves the status quo.”

Would you like to see Uber expand into Calgary? Let us know in the comments below.