Square Canada Adds Analytics Insights Reporting for Merchants

Square Canada continues to beef up its offering for business customers, as it has debuted analytics reporting for its Register service customers.

Square Analytics is mobile-optimized and informs sellers of information like which are the most popular selling items and categories, the busiest time of day and an overview of customer spending.

“There’s no other tool out there that makes it this simple to see which suits are selling and what extra customizations our clients buy,” said Tomas Romita, Founder of MADE Clothing in Toronto. “The data provides more than just insight, it has led to increased profitability by helping us see what price categories make sense and comparing sales month over month so we know where we can improve.”

Some key features of Square Analytics include:

  • The analytics homepage shows how a seller’s business is performing in real time, including which items are the most popular.
  • Sales trends provide updates of sales hourly, daily and monthly so sellers can consider later hours or stocking up on inventory to avoid missed sales.
  • Buyer insights show sellers useful customer information. Sellers can see new vs. returning customers as well as customer frequency, recency and average customer spend.

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Square has used its information from Canadian sellers to conclude some interesting facts about our eating habits, which includes lots of ketchup and bacon, to name a few (not a surprise!):

  • Canadians are a whopping 421% more likely to order their food “For Here” versus “To Go”
  • Canadians love their national dish and are only 3% more likely to choose plain fries over poutine
  • The middle man rules with medium as the most popular beverage size, representing 79% of all orders

Canadians ordering

Square Analytics is available today for merchants using the Register service in Canada, the U.S. and Japan. Merchants can easily use the Square iOS app to turn any device into a register along with the free Square credit card reader.

Last month Square added online invoicing to its Register service, while last week Canadian merchants got integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Stitch Labs to easily sync sales and inventory data.

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