Toronto Based Startup Demos Size-Shifting iOS 8 Virtual Keyboard

Now that Apple has made it possible for developers to create custom keyboards for iOS, Toronto based startup Minuum’s virtual keyboard is nearing completion, just in time for the launch of iOS 8 in September. According to TechCrunch, the developers are now looking for volunteers to test the beta app ahead of its final release next month.

Minuum final ios8

The Minuum keyboard has the ability to zoom from a standard full-scale mobile QWERTY to its trademark single-line input. The large keyboard is basically designed to help users train their own custom dictionary to make the standard, minimal Minuum keyboard more accurate. Minuum CEO Will Walmsley said, “There is a pretty large set of users, so I agree that it’s not going to be 50 percent of iPhone users doing this right away”.

Walmsley explained on the phone when asked about the challenges of winning users. “I’m assuming it’s going to be a much smaller proportion, but I have very high hopes. I think SwiftKey has proven that keyboards are fundamentally interesting as apps to users. They were, for a long time, the number one app on the entire Play Store.”

Soon, we’ll be seeing a flood of software keyboard options from developers just in time for iOS 8 public release, including the more popular SwiftKey and Fleksy.