First Batch of iPhone 6 Units Arrives in the United States

Iphone 6 units

Future iPhone buyers – um . . . more exactly, “professional line sitters” – already started lining up in front of Apple Stores in the US days before the company unveiled the new iPhones. Now that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are official, Apple and its assembly partner are making preparations for the big launch day: September 19. Foxconn just sent the first batch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units to the United States.

The devices were delivered from Foxconn’s Henan plants to Chicago on Wednesday, according to CCAonline, which says the units were delivered in two batches of “special cargo”. The first was sent on September 6, and the second, on September 10.

The shipment weighed a total of 93 tons, the website covering the Chinese aviation industry says. Based on that data, we can calculate that this represents about 720,900 iPhone 6 units delivered to the US so far, taking into consideration that one device weights 129 grams (or 540,600 iPhone 6 Plus units). Obviously, this is purely speculation, but it gives us an idea of approximately how many devices have arrived in the country.

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