Skype for iPhone Adds Ability to Delete Photos from Chats and More

Skype has updated their iPhone app to now allow users to delete photos from chats, plus also adds performance improvements when opening a chat from a notification. Users will now see synced avatars across all platforms as well.

What’s New in Version 5.7
· Save and delete photos from chats
· Chats load faster, especially when opened from a notification
· Avatars for all chats now stay in sync across platforms
· People list filter (all contacts, Skype contacts, online contacts) usability improved
· General improvements

How to delete a photo from a Skype chat on the iPhone?

Just tap and hold the image, then tap ‘delete’ when the menu pops up:

IMG 0660

Back in August Skype announced it was revamping chat notifications so only the current device you’re using would show an alert. The iPhone app received iOS 8 extensions support and interactive notifications back in September.

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