Telegram Messenger Hits 50 Million Users, Update Adds Stickers and More [PICS]

Telegram Messenger is a popular secure chat that features end-to-end encryption. It was updated today to version 2.8 to bring new experimental stickers plus a new attachment menu for images (similar to the one found in iOS 8).

What’s New in Version 2.8
– Experimental stickers, type your favorite emoji to see a selection of matching stickers. Dozens of free stickers coming soon
– New attachment menu for photos

For the stickers, once you select an emoji, a matching sticker will hover over. As seen in our screenshots below, the smiley face emoji brings up an image of a devious smiling Steve Jobs holding an iPhone. If you choose the emoji blowing a kiss, it’s Marilyn Monroe.

IMG 1479 IMG 1480

Not all emojis bring up matching stickers. Also, the stickers do not appear in secret chats. Nevertheless, it’s a neat feature for existing users, jumping on the sticker bandwagon like every other chat app.

As for the attachment menu, it borrows from iOS 8 for faster sending of photos.

Earlier this summer Telegram launched a new universal app to bring support for the iPad. Last month, Telegram announced it now delivers over 1 billion messages daily with 50 million active users, while they continue to add 1 million new users weekly. This was achieved in just 16 months with zero dollars spent on advertising, as the app spread quickly via word of mouth as users sought more secure chat apps to avoid prying eyes from governments.

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