Apple Says They’ve Helped Create Over 1 Million Jobs in the USA

Apple jobs us

Apple had a great start to calendar 2014: it paid more than $10 billion to developers. But that’s not all: it also claims credit for creating or supporting 1,027,000 jobs in the US.

The latter is a welcome update, as the latest US job-creation numbers had been posted in 2012, when they had half of that number: 514,000 jobs. Of those more than a million jobs, 627,000 are attributable to the iOS ecosystem, 334,000 are jobs at other companies resulting from Apple’s spending and growth, and 66,000 are Apple’s own employees.

Apple’s expansion brings benefits to other companies as well: the company directly or indirectly supports roughly 400,00 jobs in the US, from people who create plans and people who drive trucks to carry its products to people who create components. There are 8,000 US-based suppliers and 31 US host companies providing parts, materials, or equipment for Apple products.

One of them is the Mac Pro, of course, which, you may recall, made headlines as it is Apple’s only product designed and manufactured (partly) in the US.

When we initially reached out to Metal Impact, it was primarily working with aluminum in the automotive industry. Alongside its team, we created an entirely new process and supply chain, conducting more than 40 experiments with 10 different alloys on multiple aluminum mills. The result is arguably the most beautiful Mac ever, along with new jobs and millions of dollars in revenue for a small Illinois company.

By building the Apple Campus 2, the company will support 41,000 jobs across Santa Clara County, and among them, 12,600 will be full-time positions over the next three-year construction period.

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