Apple’s Smartphone Market Share Hovers at 42% in the US: comScore

Following Kantar’s report claiming that the iPhone 6 took a fifth of all smartphone sales in the US, comScore is here with the latest data analyzing the US smartphone market and its adoption rate. According to its MobiLens and Mobile Metrix, Apple is the manufacturer of choice in the US, with 41.8% market share, while Google’s Android maintained its top position as the most popular mobile OS.

Apple marketshare us comscore

Smartphone adoption currently stands at 73.6% in the country, with 178 million people owning a smart device, according to comScore’s data analyzing the three months ending in November, up 2% since August.

As it turns out, Americans love the iPhone, although there was a minor 0.2% drop compared to the company’s August market share, when it claimed exactly 42% of the US market. This is rather interesting in light of Kantar’s report, though.

Samsung is still the second-most popular smartphone manufacturer in the country, grabbing 29.7% of all smartphone sales — up 0.8% — says comScore. In the third spot we find LG, with 7.6%, followed by Motorola with 5.2%.

When it comes to mobile OS, little has changed since August: Android has gained 0.6% and now claims 52.6% market share. Microsoft is still a distant third player with 3.4% market share, while BlackBerry currently has 2% of the market.