This is Awesome: 3D Printer Replicates the 38mm Apple Watch [PICS]

Whoa, another ‘fake’ Apple Watch story this morning? This is starting to become a theme! The Czech site Letemsvetem Applem has pulled out their 3D printer to drum up a model of the 38mm Apple Watch, using the software MakerBot.

Makerbox apple watch

Apple watch 3d printer

What you get is a 3D printed model that looks just like the Apple Watch. The site describes their hands-on model as very thin and the 38mm version feels like a piece of jewellery since it’s so small, instead of an electronic (Google Translation); the smaller model will most likely be marketed towards women, opposed to the larger 42mm version.

Apple watch 3d printer 2

Apple watch 3d printer 3

Here’s a video of the 3D printer making the Apple Watch:

YouTube video

If there’s one watch better than the Apple Watch at this point in time, it’s Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘iTime’, based on a $20 Casio watch.

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