‘iPhone 6s’ Rumoured to Sport 2GB of RAM and Apple SIM

The next-generation iPhone will likely come with 2 GB of RAM, a person familiar with Apple’s future plans has whispered to AppleInsider. The so-called iPhone 6s and the Plus version will pack double the RAM found in the latest-generation iPhone. In fact, the 1 GB of RAM was first used with the iPhone 5.

Iphone 6

More RAM would be great for better multitasking, although it comes at a cost: It can easily affect battery life, as memory is power-hungry.

In addition to the memory upgrade, Apple is said to be leaning toward shipping the iPhone 6s with a pre-installed Apple SIM. You may recall that an Apple SIM was introduced with the iPad Air 2 and allows the customer to pick any carrier plan in the UK or US.

When asked, Apple VP iPhone, iPod, and iOS product marketing Greg Joswiak said the Apple SIM is all about customer experience. Back then, Joswiak said an Apple SIM in iPhones wasn’t really a priority for Apple, since the majority of iPhone buyers are making their purchase through a carrier. The number of customers buying the device outright is relatively small compared to those buying from a carrier (subsidised).

Using an Apple SIM would make sense as an option for customers buying the next-generation iPhone from the Apple Store. By the way, the Apple SIM wasn’t hailed by all carriers: Verizon didn’t support it, and some operators even accused Apple of trying to gain control of their relationship with their customers.

The next-generation iPhone will likely be announced in September if Apple follows its annual release schedule.