Apple Leads Enterprise Market, Driven by Strong iPhone 6 Adoption

Apple maintained its leadership in the enterprise market, grabbing the majority – 72% – of device activations during the first quarter of 2015, reveals Good Technology in its Mobility Index Report. iOS device activations were led by high iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus adoption rates, the market research firm highlights.

The latest Apple handsets accounted for 26% of all device activations in the first quarter of 2015. On the Android side, the most-activated device was the Samsung Galaxy S5. Apple and Samsung together grabbed 28 of the top 30 devices, as seen by the market research firm.

Apple’s share was slightly higher in the tablet market: The iPad accounted for 81% of all activations, despite slowing sales. During the same period a year ago, Apple grabbed 92% of the enterprise market. Since then, however, Android has grown to 15%, and Windows, to 4%.


It is interesting to note how different industries adopt various devices. For the second quarter in a row, iOS outpaced Android in regulated industries: 80% of public-sector activations and 76% of financial activations were iOS devices. But the most iOS-heavy industry was education, with 83% of device activations.

Android remained popular in unregulated industries such as high-tech and energy, while Windows tablets made up 5% of all activations in retail. Windows Phone devices accounted for 7% of all activations in entertainment and media.