Apple to Lease 300,000 Square-Foot Space in San Jose

Apple is expanding its offices into San Jose, having agreed to lease a 300,000 square-foot property near the city’s First Street tech corridor, the Mercury News reports.


The news confirms earlier rumours of Apple’s possible expansion plans, as the company has leased almost all of the available space in Cupertino. After expanding into Santa Clare and Sunnyvale, it was the turn of San Jose, it seems, as 25% of its workers from elsewhere come from this city.

Fact is, San Jose has been eager to attract tech companies, so everyone has been talking about a possible halo effect if Apple moves in. Well, now it’s official: The building Apple will lease – for yet unspecified reasons, and on unknown occupation date – is located north of where Highway 87 ends at Highway 101. It was previously occupied by Atmel and is currently owned by Ellis Partners.

As detailed by Mercury News, Apple’s head count is continuing to grow: At the end of fiscal 2014 (last September), it had 92,600 full-time employees, up from 80,300 a year previously, and that doesn’t include retail store employees.

Meanwhile, Apple has been busy building its new headquarters, the spaceship-like Apple Campus 2, which should be ready by the end of 2016.