iOS 8 Adoption Rate Hits 85% of Devices Based on App Store Data

Apple has updated its App Store distribution page to acknowledge iOS 8 adoption has reached 85% of devices, based on App Store usage as of July 20, 2015.

Screenshot 2015 07 22 11 09 13

The slight increase now leaves 13% of devices using iOS 7 and 2% of devices using earlier versions of iOS. At the end of April, 81% of users were running iOS 8.

Yesterday saw the release of iOS 9 beta 4 to developers and this morning, beta 2 hit public iOS 9 testers. Apple is set to release iOS 9 publicly this fall and will support 15 devices, which includes the aging iPhone 4s from 2011:

Screenshot 2015 07 22 11 15 45

Yesterday during Apple’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said the company “experienced the highest switcher rate from Android that we’ve ever measured.” It’s easy to see why people would switch over to iOS from Android. What Android devices from 2011 are able to get the most recent Android OS 5.1 Lollipop?