Microsoft Launches Quick Email App ‘Send’ for iPhone Users in Canada, USA

Microsoft Garage is the company’s experimental project division, and their latest creation is Send, an “in-and-out email” app for iPhone users, available in Canada and the USA.

Cropped Introducing Send 1

Send allows for quick messages to any co-worker by using only their email and does not require subject lines or anything formal; essentially it acts like an instant messenger based on your Office 365 business and school email account.

The following scenario is how Microsoft thinks Send can be helpful:

Imagine you’re walking into a big presentation and someone asks you to find out if your colleague will be attending. Chances are, you don’t have your colleague’s phone number, but you will probably have their email address—especially if you’ve been emailing with them recently. You don’t have time to search your inbox, start a new thread, or even type out a subject line. You just want to ask that person, “Will you be at the presentation?”

Send is touted for quick responses and chats, such as asking coworkers a question that would require an immediate response, faster than email and without the formalities.

Being linked to Office 365, conversations are synced to Outlook allowing users to respond to messages from anywhere.

Earlier this month, Microsoft Garage launched Tossup for iOS, an app to help make plans easier with friends.

Click here to download Send for iPhone in the App Store—it’s free.