Apple Was Reportedly in Talks to Use BMW i3 as Basis For Car Project


According to a report from German business magazine Manager Magazin, Apple and BMW were in talks to use the BMW electric i3 as a basis for Apple’s rumoured car project, code-named “Project Titan.”

Apple was interested in the body of the i3, which is a small hatchback that has a shell made of carbon fiber, which helps to keep the car light. The two companies reportedly began talks in the fall of 2014, but broke off talks shortly thereafter.

The report also notes that Tim Cook and Apple senior managers made a trip to BMW’s factory in Leipzig, Germany to take a look at the production of the i3. This isn’t the first time Apple and BMW have been rumoured to be working together on a car.

Earlier this week, Apple hired Doug Betts, former Senior Vice President of the Chrysler Group and the global head of operations leading product service and quality. The acquisition shows Apple’s continued interest in the automotive industry.

Rumours suggest that Apple is aiming to release a car by 2020, but because Apple often works on projects that never leave the labs, it is possible that the company could delay or shelve the project if it’s not happy with its progress.

[via AppleInsider]