Apple Grabs 88% of Dollars Spent on Smartwatches [Report]

There has been much debate about the Apple Watch’s success: Some say it isn’t selling well, while other market data says the opposite. The latest in line to back Apple’s bid for the wearables market is a report published by 1010data, which shows that the company now now has 42 percent of total dollars sold to date in 2015 (via ZDNet).


That’s impressive considering that Apple entered the market only in April and already tops the list, followed by Fitbit, currently in second place with 31%.

However, this doesn’t mean Apple Watch units sold better than Fitbit’s: The latter has a 35% share of the market, while Apple has only 11%.
When analysing retail store sales 1010dta found that leads with 42% of total dollars sold, Amazon ranks second with 31%, Amazon Marketplace third with 11%, Best Buy and fourth with 5%.

In terms of smartwatch spending, the Apple Watch is strongly positioned above its competitors, grabbing 88% of the category, according to 1010data’s report. Previously, the category was split between Motorola with 33%, Pebble 23%, Samsung 16%, and LG 12%.

Everything changed when the Apple Watch hit the market in April: Alongside the above, the ASP (average selling price) of smartwatches skyrocketed from $184 to $438.

The data was gathered through 1010data’s Ecom Insights panel, which consists of millions of online shoppers in the US who allow 1010data to anonymously track their online behaviour.