Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus Allegedly Has 2750mAh Battery [PICS]

According to images shared by Taiwanese site AppleClub, Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus allegedly includes a 2750mAh battery. That means that the battery in the iPhone 6s Plus is slightly smaller than the 2915mAh battery found in the existing iPhone 6 Plus.

We have already learned that the iPhone 6s has a 1715mAh battery because it was spotted in a video Apple created to highlight 3D Touch, but there has been no visual evidence on the iPhone 6s Plus battery until now.


Ahead of the announcement, rumours suggested that both devices would have smaller batteries than their predecessors, which turned out to be true. It appears that Apple may have adopted a smaller battery to make room for new internal components like that Taptic Engine, which enables haptic feedback whenever 3D Touch is used.

Even though both devices have smaller batteries, Apple claims that the battery life has not been impacted because of optimizations in the A9 processor and in iOS 9’s software improvements.

Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will launch this Friday, September 25. Pre-order customers are also expected to begin receiving their devices at that time.