iPhone 6s Camera Looks Amazing vs All Previous iPhone Cameras [PICS]

Just like last year, Camera+ cofounder Lisa Bettany from tap tap tap has shared another ultimate iPhone camera comparison, this time with the latest iPhone 6s versus all other iPhone cameras, over at the company’s snap snap snap site.

This ultimate shootout sees the iPhone 6s up against 8 previous iPhone generations, in real-life situations, with images taken in a variety of tough light settings.

The comparisons shown on the website allow viewers to click on individual images which will expand to show shots taken by each iPhone. Below is a sample of the macro test, which starts with the original on the far left, and the iPhone 6s on the far right. Man, this camera has come a long way:

Iphone 6s test

Another sample we’ll share is the backlit test, which is a tricky situation for any camera considering the lighting situation:

Iphone 6s test 2

Bettany also performs backlit macro, daylight, portrait, sunset, low-light and low-light sunrise tests worth checking out. In the end, she concludes “there is an apparent increase in the speed of auto focus and improvements to colour accuracy, details and sharpness, especially in low light.”

In our early tests with the iPhone 6s camera, we have been thoroughly impressed with how this camera handled various lighting situations very well.

You can check out Bettany’s full iPhone 6s camera test comparison here.