TD Canada Trust Website Lists Apple Pay Under “Ways to Pay” [u]

Is Apple Pay coming to Canada? The Wall Street Journal first reported it was coming to Canada as early as November, a timeline corroborated recently by our sources at a payment processor.

We’ve already seen numerous payment processors advertise Apple Pay support and now it’s listed on TD Canada Trust’s website under “Ways to Pay” in the footer. The link to Apple Pay returns a blank page, but this addition is a major hint something is brewing. The URL to the page is:

Apple pay td canada trust

TD Canada Trust’s U.S. subsidiary, TD Bank, launched support for Apple Pay last December, leading many to believe a transition into Canada is next for the financial institution.

Last October, Jeff Martin, vice-president and CIO of Direct Channels Technology Solutions at TD Group, said at a conference in Toronto Apple Pay is “at least a year away.

This April, TD Bank said the launch of Apple Pay “is ultimately Apple’s story to tell,” when asked to respond to rumours of the mobile payment coming to Canada. Back in May, TD CFO Colleen Johnston told BNN “we are working with a broad set of parties out there,” when asked about working with Apple and Apple Pay.

What do you think about this addition to the TD Canada Trust website? Did they just let the cat out of the bag?

Update: Here are screenshots from the Apple Pay website on TD Canada Trust’s page that’s still live. It lists TD Visa cards that support Apple Pay, plus the footnotes say transactions are limited to $100 (subject to change, similar to what our source was saying if you recall) and also denotes the website (which is registered to Apple Canada):

td canada trust apple pay

apple pay td

apple pay td visa

Update 2: Apple Pay no longer listed under ‘Ways to Pay’.

Update 3: The TD Canada Trust social media team responded on Twitter to say Apple Pay currently isn’t available in Canada due to the incorrect info posted “temporarily on our website”:

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