Order Driveway Snow Plowing in Canada with These iOS Apps

Three Canadian startups are aiming to become the Uber of snowplowing: SnowMowr, easyplow, and Eden App. They offer to save you time and energy by clearing your driveway for a certain cost, of course, reports Peter Nowak for the Globe and Mail.

eden app

Just like you may have experienced with Uber, the apps will connect with the nearest available snowplow and handle payments automatically. The startup will then take a cut of the fee.


SnowMorr will launch in six Ontario cities: Ottawa, London, Windsor, Kitchener-Waterloo, Sudbury, and Hamilton. As for the other two, there is no information about the areas where the service will be available. EasyPlow is already available, and operators have been able to register since October 1. Its revenue model is different than that of SnowMorr: operators pay a flat fee of $6.95 per job. As co-founder Gustave Roy points out, the startup is aiming to go national as it has operators in every province.


Eden App, founded by serial entrepreneur Ben Zlotnick, targets the 905 area code around Toronto, and it is betting that experience will set it apart from rivals.

Every one of the aforementioned Canadian startups is signing up only licensed and insured professionals, and the services are setting the prices that operators charge. In the case of SnowMorr, clearing a driveway will cost $35 to $75, depending on its size.

Despite working like Uber, the startups are trying to avoid the controversy that surrounds the ride-sharing app. Roy explains to the Globe and Mail: “We don’t want to be the Uber of snowplowing. We really believe in the value of the operators. We don’t want a repository of the worst snowplowers or the people who haven’t made it in the business.”