Rogers, Fido 23.2 Carrier Update Fixes iPhone Wi-Fi Calling for Some

Back in December, Rogers and Fido users received carrier update 23.1 and as of yesterday, a new 23.2 update was released for customers.

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What does this update bring? Some users such as iPhone in Canada reader @rayray14 note they are now finally seeing Wi-Fi Calling as an option on their iPhone purchased outright from Apple.

How to turn on Wi-Fi Calling? On your device, navigate to: Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling > ON

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to continue to make calls or send and receive texts over Wi-Fi when you’re in places with weak cell coverage, such as basements or at the cottage.

Our iPhone 6s Plus on Fido was prompted for the carrier update yesterday, but once we updated the the version didn’t change (even after a reboot). Our iPhone was purchased outright from Apple and we’ve had Wi-Fi Calling on launch when iOS 9 was out along with carrier update 21.1. Wi-Fi Calling requires a voice and data plan and is only available for postpaid customers, as prepaid users don’t get this feature.

If you go to Settings > General > About on your iPhone, you should see the prompt for a carrier update. Let us know if this update enables or fixes Wi-Fi Calling for you.

Thanks @ShemarP