Fido My Account for iPhone Gets ‘Keep Me Logged In’ Option

Fido has updated their My Account iPhone app to allow customers to—get this—stay logged in! That’s right, you no longer need to keep signing in every time you use the app, which is incredibly frustrating especially if you have a unique complex password.

A new toggle for “Keep me logged in” is now available and with it comes a warning users need to agree to, which states “I understand that if an unauthorized user accesses my account through the My Account app, any charges or changes made are my responsibility.”

IMG 0974

Once users agree, they will remain logged in the next time they re-launch the app, which makes it a bit more convenient. Fido should consider implementing Touch ID or a passcode PIN for easier logins.

The Fido My Account app has an average 2 out of 5 star rating in iTunes, from 5,298 ratings. Just over 60% of these ratings are 1-star reviews, as customers continue to be frustrated with the app’s bugs and shortcomings, as indicated by the following harsh reviews:

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The app gained a new customers service tool called DeviceAid back in February, but it took some steps to locate it within the app.

Click here to download Fido My Account for iOS in the App Store. Let us know how you like this update.