Rogers Quietly Increases Legacy ‘iPhone Value Pack’ to $24 Per Month

Rogers has increased the price of its legacy iPhone Value Pack to $24 per month, a jump of an additional $2 per month. The plan includes Call Display with Name Display, Visual Voicemail, plus unlimited SMS and MMS.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Troy, he had no notification the price was increasing, until he happened to spot it on his monthly bill. The iPhone Value Pack is an add-on to his grandfathered 6GB retention plan, which still has a 50% Value Pack Discount applied.

By increasing the price of legacy plans and add-ons, Rogers looks to push customers towards its newer Share Everything Plans, as these included updated pricing on data overages, one of the biggest wireless revenue generators for the company.

Back in 2013, Rogers offered an iPhone Value Pack add-on for $5 per month, which included Name Display, Visual Voicemail Plus and unlimited US and International SMS, along with WhoCalled. For an additional $7 per month, users had the option of adding Caller ID, rounding out options to $12 per month.

During the same time in 2013, Rogers had increased its monthly plans by an additional $5 per month, starting at $55 per month, for a plan with 1,000 daytime minutes, 6PM evenings and weekends, 150MB of data ($10/200MB overages), Caller ID, Enhanced Voicemail, unlimited SMS/MMS and Canada-wide calling from your computer or tablet via Rogers One Number.