Apple Quietly Acquired Personal Heath Data Startup Gliimpse

Apple has quietly acquired Silicon Valley-based personal health data startup Gliimpse, Fast Company reports. The move is in line with Apple’s efforts to expand its services to the health sector.


Gliimpse was born out of personal need, to address a growing need for gathering and ultimately sharing personal health data. As medical service providers can’t easily share the patient’s records because they are under HIPAA (the federal regulations regulating how they share patient data) and there are no common formats across the clinical systems, Gliimpse developed a solution that crunches and unites various streams of health information, by making data collection and sharing easy and most importantly, making everything available in one format.

Gliimpse 2

This is something that is in line with Apple’s goal of allowing patients, clinicians and researchers to access important health and wellness data through a range of mobile devices. It is worth noting that Gliimpse was mainly intended for patients with diseases like cancer and diabetes. Apple has recently made an important hire: a top pediatric endocrinologist who developed a HealthKit app for teens with Type 1 diabetes recently joined the company.

Apple has confirmed the acquisition with the usual comment it provides: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

What remains to be seen is how Apple will integrate this technology it has acquired and when it will be part of the company’s healthcare offering.