Apple’s Twitter Account Will Reply If You Retweet This Tweet #AppleEvent

Apple activated their official Twitter account @Apple last night (after sitting dormant since 2011), and already the account is hard at work, as part of a Twitter sponsored campaign.

Sponsored tweets such as the following are showing up on timelines:

Screenshot 2016 09 02 16 32 06

If you retweet this tweet, the account will automatically reply with the following, to also say they’ll remind you before the event on September 7th:

Screenshot 2016 09 02 16 36 26

Interestingly enough, these replies to users are not visible on the @Apple account’s main timeline, as they are a feature of Twitter’s Promoted-only tweets.

Screenshot 2016 09 02 16 39 14

Here’s how Twitter describes them:

Promoted-only Tweets are Promoted Tweets that are only shown to users targeted in your advertising campaigns. Unless specifically targeted, Promoted Tweets do not show on your followers’ timelines. When seen by a targeted user, they act like normal Tweets and can receive replies and be shared, Retweeted, liked, etc.

As part of Apple’s sponsored Twitter campaign, there’s also a new custom emoji. Just use the hashtag #AppleEvent and you’ll get to see a silver Apple logo:

Screenshot 2016 09 02 16 40 25

It’s nice to see Apple finally embrace social media, even if it’s in a sponsored state. Enjoy your long weekend, folks.