Apple Says AirPods Will Work with Android and Other Devices

Aside from iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, one of the big surprises of yesterday was the company’s new wireless AirPods. We already know from early unscientific tests they actually will stay in your ears while jogging or dancing, but what about being able to connect to Android and other non-Apple devices?


It turns out AirPods will work with other devices, contrary to the product’s press release from yesterday. Apple confirmed this and clarified it, according to The Verge:

Apple has told The Verge that AirPods will be able to work with non-Apple devices via Bluetooth, contrary to the information in the AirPods press release. AirPods “just lose the magic (ease of setup, seamless transitioning from device-to-device, Siri, etc.) when not used with an Apple device,” the company said.

So AirPods will be able to be paired with any other Bluetooth device and work like regular headphones.

But how do you pair them? Daring Fireball explains the pairing button is on the AirPods charging capsule, not the earbuds themselves.

As for checking the battery life of your AirPods and the capsule? This image from Canadian Jim Dalrymple’s Loop Insight, suggests all you need to do is place the AirPods within the capsule and place them next to your device:

AirPod Battery 420x315

AirPods will retail for $219 CAD once they become available later in October. You can check out some hands-on videos here. Are you going to get a pair?