Bell Price Hikes Coming to Legacy 6GB Data Plans by $10/Month [u]

Bell has announced to customers on its Billing and Accounts website (which is kind of hard to find) new price increases coming in November 2016, which includes grandfathered 6GB data plans and add-ons.

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The following plans with 6GB of data will be jumping by $10 per month:

  • 6GB of data
  • Add 6GB of shareable data
  • 6GB of data – BlackBerry/Smartphone
  • 6GB of data share for iPad – BlackBerry
  • 6GB of data share for iPad – Smartphone

If you have any of the following data add-ons, you’ll see a $2 per month increase:

  • Data Block
  • Test BB10 Data Block
  • Data blocking in Canada
  • Data block in Canada-Antispam
  • Data Block & Anti-spam

Also, there are price changes coming to the “No Canada to U.S. Long Distance charges” add-on, set to increase by $5 per month.

Bell reiterates to customers it “invests over $3 billion every year to bring you the very best network technology available in the world. In addition to having the largest network in the country, a recent study showed that our network is twice as fast last he leading U.S. service providers and 20 times faster than one of our Canadian competitors.”

As for why prices are increasing? Bell explains “unfortunately the weak Canadian dollar has significantly increased the costs of maintaining our world class network technology.” You buying that explanation?

If there’s one way to get customers to move over to modern day share everything type plans, that’s to increase the price of legacy plans and add-ons. We saw Rogers announce similar price hikes earlier this summer for its legacy plans and iPhone value packs.

Are you going to be affected by these price increases?

Update: According to Virgin on Twitter, looks like these increase could be coming to Members as well:

Thanks Mark