Samsung’s ArtPC Pulse Desktop Borrows Design Cues From Mac Pro

Samsung might have more pressing issues to deal with currently, and perhaps that why we haven’t heard of Samsung’s upcoming ArtPC Pulse, a cylindrical desktop PC now available for pre-order on Amazon (via ZDNet).

The desktop PC looks quite a bit like HP’s Pavilion Wave (minus the Wave’s fabric covering), as well as another certain high-end computer from Apple–the company’s Mac Pro. The ArtPC Pulse stands almost eleven inches tall and is designed with a full metal body (most likely aluminum) and circular lighting.

Here are side-by-side image comparisons of the ArtPC Pulse and the Mac Pro we slapped together, based on marketing images:

Artpc pulse

Artpc plus vs mac pro rear

ArtPC Pulse vs Mac Pro top

The computer also comes equipped with 360-degree omni-directional Harmon Kardon audio, which makes one think of tech such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The Amazon listing for the desktop details removable expansion modules, and also advertises an optional 1TB hard drive module is available separately. While this modular system sounds great, it’s still unclear how exactly it will function.

The PC starts at $1,200 USD, and comes with a 2.7GHz sixth-generation Core i5, a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and USB-C and HDMI ports, while graphics are run by a Radeon RX 460 GPU.

There’s also a $1,600 Core i7 model that keeps the 256 GB SSD and graphics card, but has a 1TB SATA hard drive and 16GB of RAM.

Both models of the ArtPC Pulse will be released on October 28.