Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter: Hands-On [PICS]

If you ordered a new 13-inch or 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro, and use an external monitor with Thunderbolt 2, you will need a Thunderbolt 3 adapter, which Apple currently sells for $35 (it was $59 before a recent 25% price drop to cater to early #donglelife adopters).

Here’s our quick unboxing of the dongle, which is going to be very, very popular:

IMG 1063

Apple’s packaging makes it very easy to open, as all you have to do is peel where indicated by the dots with arrows. There’s no need to use a knife to open the box.

IMG 1065

The main part of the dongle is wrapped in plastic, but peeling back the layer reveals the Thunderbolt 2 portion of the adapter:

IMG 1067

Thunderbolt 2:

IMG 1068

Thunderbolt 3. This picture was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus, using the Square mode in the Camera. Does this look watercolour-like and grainy/noisy to you?

IMG 1069

IMG 1071

Earlier this morning, the first wave of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar orders appear ready to ship soon, as many users saw their credit cards get charged.