New Unadvertised ‘Fido20th’ Promo Plan: $60 BYOD with 4GB Data [u]

Fido is celebrating its 20th anniversary and a new unadvertised promo plan is available if customers call in to customer service or start an online chat, and mentions “Fido20th”.

The promo plans are essentially 3GB plans with a bonus 1GB of data, making for 4GB total, to go with unlimited nationwide talk and text. Here’s are the two options you can get by mentioning “Fido20th” to customer care on the phone or in chat:

  • $60 BYOD: 4GB data
  • $65 Pulse: 4GB data, includes Fido Roam and Spotify Premium for 6 months

Also, both plans include 1000 international long distance minutes to select countries.

Last month, Fido offered free 1GB data to eligible customers as part of its 20th anniversary celebration.

If you’re looking for a better deal, check out Public Mobile’s $38/4GB plan (runs on the TELUS LTE network), only available until November 20th.

We switched from Fido and so far it’s been pretty good on our iPhone 7 Plus. We went with a one-time $15 add-on for 400 international minutes (they rollover and never expire) to cover the rare time we make Canada-wide calls.

Click here to read our tutorial on how to switch over to Public Mobile with your iPhone.

Update: Users are hearing this plan expired on November 7, 2016.

[via RFD]