Samsung Canada’s Exploding Note 7 Return and Exchange Rate Nears 90%

Samsung Canada has provided an update on the return and exchange program for their failed Note 7 smartphone and its exploding battery issue. The company issued a press release this afternoon to state they have secured “close to 90% of the Note7 devices that were brought into the Canadian market.”

The company says an impending over-the-air software update will limit functions of existing devices, such as battery charge, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disablement as soon as December 12, 2016.

Starting December 15, 2016, existing Note 7 smartphones will be unable to connect to a Canadian mobile network to make calls, use data or send and receive text messages.

Samsung says it “strongly” urges customers still using the phone to return it to the origin of purchase for a refund or exchange between Dec. 7-15. The company has been sending push notifications to customers holding out about the impending network deactivation.

The Note 7 is an officially recalled product, so owners are by law are prohibited from selling or giving away the device. Samsung wants them back and says despite limited functions, the ability to call 9-1-1 will still be available (that is unless your Note 7 is on fire).

Earlier today, a report from Kantar Worldpanel noted Apple pushed their iPhone 7 U.S. marketshare up by 7%, which may have been assisted by the faulty Note 7 and its disastrous recall.

Back in September, Health Canada got involved to assist Samsung in expediting the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Samsung officially killed off the Note 7 in mid-October, halting production.