‘Super Mario Run’ Has Brought in Over $50M Since Launch, Says Nintendo

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run debuted for iOS in December and although it struggled to maintain its No. 1 ranking among top-grossing games on the App Store, it has already brought in more than $50 million in profits. According to The Wall Street Journal, the analysts believe the game has performed way better than initially expected, although Nintendo’s CEO Tatsumi Kimishima says he isn’t satisfied with the numbers.

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Nintendo has announced that the iOS game has been downloaded over 78 million times worldwide. More than 5% of those have paid the $10 charge required to unlock the game’s full content, generating over $53 million in revenue so far. “For a game that charges this much, the performance is pretty amazing”, said Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based mobile game consultant, adding that even games that charge only a dollar or two usually convert less than 5% of downloaders into paying customers.

Nonetheless, Nintendo Chief Executive said he wasn’t satisfied with the initial results because the company had aimed to achieve a double-digit paying rate. Nintendo plans to release “Super Mario Run” in March for smartphones and tablets running Google parent Alphabet Inc.’s Android platform.

Mr. Kimishima said Nintendo would release more smartphone games including “Animal Crossing,” which was originally planned by March but now is set to come in April or later.

Nintendo’s share price fell after “Super Mario Run” was released, in part because the price was seen as expensive. However, some users said they liked the idea of paying $10 to unlock all the game functions, rather than paying $1 or $2 for some functions and constantly being pestered to spend more.

Super Mario Run for iOS has also received an update in the App Store today, getting a new ‘easy’ mode for players who just want to relax and explore levels. Nintendo is calling it the “pressure free” mode.


You can grab the free update using the following App Store link:

Download Super Mario Run for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]