White Spot’s New Pirate Pak Supports 3D Augmented Reality with iOS App

Vancouver–based restaurant chain White Spot has embraced the latest technology to make its services more appealing to both parents and kids. The latest version of the W.S. Kids app uses 3D augmented reality as part of a kids program launched in February.

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The interactive Pirate Park features a fresh set of animated characters and a revamped treasure map, along with the new W.S. Legendary pirate ship that allows kids of all ages to join the crew on their adventures.

Using the app will benefit both parents and kids: it fosters play between family members and, as such, is supposed to be a fun way of passing time before meals. Kids can play games, make music, read stories, watch videos and interact with the characters using the latest version of the app.

As Straight points out in a review article, the interactive camera is what makes this app special: By pointing the camera of your iPhone at the menu or Pirate Park ship, the interactive elements come to life, meaning that mini games appear to hover on top of the menu. The pirate ship bustles with activity, and Captain Beak Rogers will navigate his ship across your table.

The W.S. Kids app is available from the App Store. Download it and test the 3D experience yourself!