Logitech Unveils Slim Folio Keyboard Case for Apple’s Latest iPad

Today, Logitech announced their new Slim Folio keyboard case that is designed for the fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad that Apple released earlier this year.

The company has designed the keyboard with “large, well-spaced keys” that are “stretched from edge-to-edge” which makes for a more comfortable typing experience. The keyboard also features dedicated function keys that do things like switch between apps, bring up the search function, access the home screen, and control volume.

The case locks the iPad into a position that is ideal for typing, allowing the device to be easily used on a flat surface like a desk, or even your lap. The case, which is made of stain resistant fabric, is also designed to protect against scratches and bumps.

In a statement, Logitech’s vice president of mobility Michele Hermann said:

“The fifth-generation iPad is Apple’s most affordable iPad to date, but there’s still a learning curve typing on the new device if you’re used to a laptop or desktop keyboard. With four years of battery life, a lightweight design, and overall great typing experience, the Logitech SLIM FOLIO can help take your mobile computing to a new level, allowing you to enjoy laptop-like typing anywhere.”

The new iPad connects to the Slim Folio keyboard case using Bluetooth LE. The keyboard is automatically activated when the user places the iPad into a typing position. The case also features replaceable coin cell batteries that last up to four years, meaning there is no need for charging.

Logitech’s Slim Folio keyboard case for the fifth-generation iPad is available for pre-order starting today. The keyboard case is priced at $129.99 and will start shipping later this month.