Facebook Rolls Out More Ways to Connect With Friends Live

Facebook is updating the features of Live, the platform for live video streams on the social network; with the newest iteration of the feature, users will find two new features: Live Chat With Friends and Live With.

Live Chat With Friends allows users discuss any broadcast with your friends during the actual real-time video. According to a press release through Facebook’s Newsroom, “When it comes to compelling public broadcasts — such as a breaking news event, a Q&A with your favorite actor or behind-the-scenes action after a big game — watching with the community and reading comments is an exciting part of the experience.”

“We know sometimes people also want the option to interact with only their friends during a public live broadcast, so we’re rolling out Live Chat With Friends,” the press release continues.

The other new Facebook Live feature is called Live With, allowing public figures to go live with a guest directly inside the broadcast.

“Live With lets you invite a friend into your live video so you can hang out together, even if you’re not in the same place,” wrote Product Managers Erin Connelly & Fred Beteille through Facebook’s Newsroom. “Sharing the screen with a friend can make going live more fun and interactive — for both you and your viewers.”

Live videos draw more than ten times as many comments as regular videos, according to the blog post announcing the new capabilities, so Facebook is jumping to capitalize, doubling down and letting users rope in their friends, which should drive even more engagement to the streams.