Apple and Accenture Team Up to Create Modern Enterprise iOS Apps

Apple is stepping up its efforts to entrench its iOS in the enterprise via a partnership with Accenture, a large systems integrator and consultant focused on digital transformation projects.

“The partnership will take full advantage of the power, simplicity and security of iOS, the leading enterprise mobility platform, and Accenture’s capabilities as a leader in industry and digital transformation to help companies unlock new revenue streams, increase productivity, improve customer experience and reduce costs,” reads a new press release from Apple.

Under the Apple and Accenture partnership, the consulting firm will create a dedicated iOS practice within its digital studio units. The initial focus for Apple and Accenture will revolve around how companies engage with customers and digital transformation.

Ten years after the iPhone debuted, there are more in-house iOS programmers and more mobile development projects than ever before, but companies have struggled to take advantage of iOS to build digital tools to truly transform organizations and how they operate, says Susan Prescott, VP for apps, markets and services at Apple.

“We’ve seen an increase in development efforts within companies. In fact, in the last three years, the number of in-house iOS developers has doubled,” she said. “So the demand is definitely there, but enterprises still need great partners to reinvent workflows and tap into backend systems.”

She adds, “This partnership with Accenture is about taking that further. What’s really exciting is that this isn’t just about optimizing existing apps and business processes — it’s about designing new apps and experiences using new technologies.”

Accenture already has a dedicated iOS practice. Going forward, the group will “co-locate with experts from Apple” in select locations across the globe. As of yet, no specific areas have been named, but Accenture has massive developer efforts in India and the Philippines.

“Based on our experience in developing mobile apps, we believe that iOS is the superior mobile platform for businesses and are excited to be partnering with Apple,” added Accenture’s Chairman and Chief Executive Pierre Naterme. “By combining Accenture‘s vast digital capabilities and industry expertise with Apple’s market leadership in creating products that delight customers, we are in a perfect position to help our clients transform the way they work.”