Get a Carrot Rewards App Referral Code Here: Now 600,000 Users in Canada

After starting 2017 with 100,000 users, the Carrot Rewards app, which rewards Canadians by “making healthy lifestyle choices”, has now reached nearly two-thirds of a million users.

According to Carrot, Canadian who use the app have “increased their daily physical activity by more than 20% and they are measurably more literate about saving, budgeting, healthy living, energy conservation and much more.”

The Carrot Rewards app lets Canadians earn rewards from Aeroplan Miles, More Rewards Points, SCENE Points, Petro-Points, and Drop, which has made it “the most popular wellness rewards platform in North America.” It was recently voted as App of the Year by readers on MobileSyrup.

Carrot rewards

iPhone users can connect Carrot Rewards to their phone and allow it to read steps data, to earn daily rewards for meeting step goals. According to the company in late December 2017, Canadian Carrot Rewards users had walked over 420 billion steps. Ongoing offers, which only take a few minutes to complete, enable users to earn rewards points and miles instantly.

Carrot says users are opening the app “more frequently and consistently than just about any other app”, while referrals are bringing in over 1,000 additional new users per day.

Recently, the Carrot expanded their Board to include the CEO of Rogers, the original founder of AIR MILES, the former Chair of the Heart & Stroke Foundation and a former CEO of AMEX Canada.

Andreas Souvaliotis, Founder and CEO of Carrot Rewards, said in a statement “By harnessing Canadians’ love for loyalty points and attachment to smartphones, we have created an incredibly powerful platform with unparalleled levels of engagement and growth.”

Carrot Rewards is currently only available to users in Ontario (since 2017), British Columbia (since 2015), and Newfoundland and Labrador (since 2016), where these provincial governments have invested millions into the rewards program, to get residents more active. The company says they are working with other provinces to join thee program and informs users to contact their local MLA, if they want to fast track participation.

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