Shaw FreeRange TV for iOS Updated for Shaw ID, Zoom for iPhone X and More

Shaw FreeRange TV for iOS has been updated to support Shaw ID, which starting in April will be “the only logical credential accepted by FreeRange TV,” explains the company, which also will be used to access Shaw Go WiFi.

Also new in this update is the addition of a zoom button in the video player, allowing iPhone X users to fill up their entire display with video.

For parents, new Control PIN prompts can be set to Snooze for 1, 2, or 4 hours, while a bug related to programs not being marked as ‘Watched’ has been fixed.

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Shaw updated FreeRange TV for iPhone X back in late November. For those waiting for tvOS support for FreeRange TV, that is not here yet and neither is AirPlay or Chromecast support. However, users can view on desktops over at

Shaw FreeRange TV launched back in 2016 and offers free live TV for existing digital cable TV and satellite TV subscribers.

Click here to download Shaw FreeRange TV for iOS in the App Store.