Etobicoke Tesla Supercharger Set for Sherway Gardens Mall

Last fall Tesla announced an expanded list of Superchargers ‘coming soon’, confirming a Canada-wide network is in the works. The company has continued to launch new Supercharger locations, with recent additions hitting Ottawa, and various locations in Quebec.

In a recent update to Tesla’s Supercharger page, the Etobicoke ‘coming soon’ location has been revealed at Sherway Gardens, as the address now notes 25 The West Mall:

Etobicoke, ON Supercharger
25 The West Mall
Etobicoke, M9C 1B8
Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752

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Construction of this Etobicoke Supercharger station was underway back in December, as spotted on YouTube:

YouTube video

There appears to be interest for Telsa in Canada, as seen by the recent turnout of fans when the ‘unofficial Tesla Model 3 road trip’ made its way to Canada.

Last week, Tesla locations in Vancouver and Toronto finally debuted the Tesla Model 3, however the first Canadian deliveries have yet to be made, as they are expected in mid-2018.