Apple’s Classroom App is Coming to the Mac in June

Apple announced today its powerful teaching assistant app for teachers, called Classroom, will soon be available for the Mac.

The Classroom app allows teachers to manage student iPads, guide pupils through lessons, share work and more. The app lets instructors “easily launch apps, books and webpages on all student devices at once or send and receive documents.”

Classroom mac

Managing a classroom full of iPads is easy with Classroom, as teachers can view what individual students are up to, in order to ensure everyone stays on task. The management app also allows iPads to be assigned to individual students and also the ability to reset student passwords.

Apple says the Mac version of Classroom will be coming in beta, “starting in June.” We can only expect it will be announced at WWDC.

Earlier today, Apple announced a new app for teachers called Schoolwork, which lets educators easily assign specific activities and tasks from education apps, which leverage the new ClassKit framework, coming to developers in iOS 11.4:

The ClassKit framework, coming in iOS 11.4, works with a powerful new iPad app called Schoolwork that helps teachers and students keep track of assignments and progress. With ClassKit, you can help teachers easily discover specific learning activities in your app, take students directly to the right activity with a single tap, and securely and privately share progress data to help teachers personalize instruction.

Today Apple also introduced a new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support, starting at $429 CAD.