Apple’s iPhone Replacement Batteries Reportedly Now Available Without Delays

According to an internal memo seen by MacRumors, Apple’s inventory of iPhone replacement batteries are in stock without any delays. The number of extended delays we have seen have been do to a really high demand and a weak supply.

It appears that all Apple Stores will now be able to order replacement batteries without any delays, even though getting the battery shipped to the store still may take some time. The company’s support page currently says that replacing an iPhone’s battery will take up to five business days. Previously, this has taken upwards of 4-5 weeks.

Late last year, Apple confirmed that the processors on older iPhone devices were intentionally slowed down by iOS updates to address concerns with aging lithium-ion batteries. This lead to a bunch of complaints due to poor performance. The company quickly apologized and offered a battery replacement program for out-of-warranty iPhones for a lower fee of $29.

After the replacement program was launched, a vast number of users rushed to their local Apple Stores to get their batteries replaced. Did you get to replace your battery on an older-generation iPhone? Let us know how the wait times were in your area in the comments below.