The Apple Watch Finds a Useful Home With Service Industry Workers

The Apple Watch has steadily been gaining popularity in the three years since it has been released, but it has surprisingly found a home among service industry workers.

A new report from Quartz explains the wearable device’s popularity among service industry workers, allowing them to stay connected at work when they otherwise might not be able to.

For anyone that might have held a job in any aspect of the service industry – whether that be restaurant servers, bartenders, shop owners, etc. – one knows that they aren’t generally able to have their phones with them. The Apple Watch, a non-obtrusive piece of jewelry, allows these workers to text their friends, see the latest basketball scores, and check the weather.

“Andy, who works at the J. Crew store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, told Quartz that he had his Apple Watch before he started at the clothing retailer, but has found it exceedingly useful at work, given that the company discourages employees from being on their phones while on the shop floor,” reads the report.

“It’s definitely easier to check your notifications,” he said.

Another use for the Apple Watch besides staying connected in an incognito way is for service industry workers to keep track of their daily activity. “I just bought it a month ago for running,” says Francisco, a hotel worker, “but I wear it at work to see the time, to track the day, and steps and calories. It keeps me motivated.”

It’s now been more than three years since the original Apple Watch hit store shelves and Apple still hasn’t disclosed any sales figures for its increasingly popular wearable, which really hit its stride with the release of the Apple Watch Series 3. While Apple isn’t likely to change its strategy in this regard anytime soon, company executives over the years haven’t been afraid to boast about the popularity of the Apple Watch while avoiding any mention of precise sales figures.