Koodo Promo for Public Mobile Customers: Switch Over, Get $120 in Credits

Looks like Telus-owned Koodo Mobile really wants customers from their prepaid brand, Public Mobile to switch over to postpaid plans.

A new “limited time” offer shared today according to internal documents seen by iPhone in Canada, details how Public Mobile customers who have been with the company for at least 30 days, can get $120 in bill credits over 12 months ($10/month), if they switch over to a current monthly postpaid plan on Koodo that is $40 and higher.

Employees are told to enter code PMRETAIL10 and use a customer’s phone number as the validation code. Switching over to Koodo Mobile will require a credit check, and if the latter is successful, customers may also qualify for Tab discounts for device upgrades.

Koodo says they are offering special pre-approved credit check conditions for this promotion. The document notes if a credit check is not successful, employees are to call into Channel Care, as the latter will manually process a successful credit check (with some exceptions), in order to complete activations.

Koodo’s connection fee still applies for this offer and no other discounts are stackable on top of this. If a customer has a balance with Public Mobile, it cannot be transferred to Koodo.

According to Koodo, they are providing this offer because they want “customers to feel good about their wireless choice, so they’ve worked with Public Mobile to offer their customer a way to get a Koodo postpaid plan with a special discount.”

Back in April, Public Mobile offered a promo $30/1GB LTE Koodo plan to some customers, in an effort to switch them over to the latter.

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