VPN Deals Round Up: These Lifetime Subscriptions are on Sale for Up to 95% Off [Sticky]

Still trying to find a deal on some lifetime VPN subscriptions? Well, wait no more, as our Deals Store has some available right now, on sale up to 95% off the retail price. The deals team has been busy curating some exclusive lifetime VPN deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Using a VPN is essential when you’re on public Wi-Fi, so you can secure your online browsing. VPN services also allow you to mask your location, allowing you to watch streaming services outside of Canada. Below are three VPNs you should check out right now:


This VPN has a strict no logging policy and will allow you to use it on an unlimited number of devices, plus has no bandwidth throttling, plus 24/7 support.

Goose vpn

  • Encrypts your online communication with high-strength 256-bit encryption
  • Eliminates all online borders & limitations by routing your traffic through private servers
  • Includes access to a capable network of 114+ servers in 20+ countries
  • Includes downloads & simultaneous use on an unlimited number of devices (custom clients for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android)
  • Adjusts your location & IP address
  • Allows you to browse safely using any public or private hotspot
  • Browse faster w/ zero bandwidth throttling
  • Offers 24/7 support & a strict no-logging policy

Click here to jump on the GOOSE VPN lifetime subscription for $39.99 USD.

Windscribe VPN

Right now, a lifetime pro subscription to Canadian-based Windscribe VPN is available for $69 USD. It allows usage on unlimited devices with unlimited data, for life.

Windscribe vpn 2

  • Mask your physical location from 3rd parties w/ an encrypted tunnel
  • Access geo-locked content from anywhere
  • Use the Netflix browser extension to easily bypass geo-restrictions & access US and UK Netflix
  • Avoid most ads while you’re browsing
  • Torrent securely & share files w/o worrying about your ISP snooping on you
  • Use on all your devices simultaneously
  • Get protected by the top-notch firewall that protects you in case of connectivity loss
  • Sign up without an email address
  • Leave no trace or logs while you browse
  • Load your own OpenVPN configurations directly in the Windscribe app
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VPN Unlimited

This lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited is being slashed by 92% off, available at just $39.99 USD. This service has dedicated servers geared toward torrenting, while all traffic is dead-encrypted. No bandwidth caps plus you can use the service on iOS, Android and more, on up to 5 devices.

Vpn unlimited 2

  • Unlimited access to Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, & other streaming sites
  • Special servers for torrenting
  • All traffic is dead-encrypted
  • Full bandwidth capacity at all times, no bandwidth cap
  • Up to 5 devices per account (you can expand the limit to any number)
  • Connection protocols for any situation
  • Special obfuscation feature for folks with highly-restricted internet, like China, the UAE, & Russia
  • Convenient management of connected devices
  • 400+ servers in 70+ locations (see the full list of server locations here)
  • 24/7 customer support
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