Fido to End Paper Bills in April to Complete Transition to Online Billing [u]

If you require paper billing from Rogers flanker brand Fido, that’s coming to an end starting in April, as the company goes paperless.

Fido says customers will see paperless billing starting April 9, 2019. This change means all Fido customers will now have their account information stored online, accessible through self-serve options.

For now, Fido still has a support page detailing how to get a paper bill delivered, either by calling in a request or using live online chat.

Back in 2014, telecoms were forced to remove paper billing fees, as ordered by the federal government.

Last fall, when Telus moved over to paperless bills, some customers such as seniors without internet access, criticized the decision.

Fido says 80 per cent of their customers have already registered for online billing.

Update: A Fido representative reached out to iPhone in Canada to say “Customers that are signed up for special accessibility bills will not be impacted” by this change.

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