Koodo Promo Offers $60/10GB Plan Plus Medium Tab for Select Customers

You might want to check your text messages for an offer from Telus flanker brand, Koodo Mobile.

Right now, some customers are seeing a text offer which reads:

“Hey _____, some people give thank you cards, we give thank you offers! Upgrade to a new phone and Tab Medium and get 10GB of data for $60/month plus Tab charge. Redeem by February 22, 2019.”

Image via RFD

For those with Koodo looking to upgrade to a new device, this means you’ll be paying the $60/10GB plan, plus a $15/month Tab Medium charge for 24 months. Once the Tab charge is paid off over two years, you’ll be left paying $60 per month (that is unless Telus decides to raise the price…).

Right now, an iPhone 6s is available on Medium Tab with Koodo for $0 upfront, while a 6s Plus is $70.

Again, this seems to be a targeted offer for Koodo customers who may be using an older device and are seeking an upgrade.

It’s worth noting Telus is set to increase the $60/10GB BYOD holiday plan by $10 starting in March and April. Koodo has not confirmed a similar price increase, but we’ve reached out to them to get a confirmation.

[via RFD]