Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max Drop Test Reveals a Clear Winner [VIDEO]

Samsung galaxy s10+ vs iPhone XS Max drop test

The YouTube community has started sharing videos of drop tests between Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10+ flagship versus Apple’s iPhone XS Max.

The new Galaxy S10+ features Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6, which the latter says in their tests “survived 15 consecutive drops from 1 meter onto rough surfaces and is up to 2x better than Gorilla Glass 5.”

YouTube channels EverythingApplePro and TechSmartt collaborated to push both devices to their breaking point and to see just how durable they were in unscientific tests.

In the first couple drops from pocket height, both phones came out relatively unscathed. In the next test from waist high, the Galaxy S10+ saw its glass crack, due to the curved edge display. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS Max still was relatively unharmed.

Drops from head height saw the Galaxy S10+ display get cracked even more, while the iPhone XS Max also saw its screen get a crack as well.

Back drops from head height saw the Galaxy S10+ to start glitching, while the iPhone XS Max was still fine.

Moving onto front drops from head height is where some more damage started to occur, with the Galaxy S10+ display start to get further damage, to the point where it was laggy and the fingerprint sensor stopped working properly. The iPhone XS Max front display continued to get cracks but still functioned properly.

EverythingApplePro says the “iPhone is the true survivor” in the test, adding he “expected more from Gorilla Glass 6.”

In a final attempt to destroy these two smartphones, a 10-foot drop resulted in the Galaxy S10+ meeting its death, with the screen no longer functioning. As for the iPhone XS Max, it survived two drops from ten feet, resulting in the back glass getting destroyed, but the phone still worked.

Techsmartt concluded Apple’s iPhone XS Max was the “clear winner” in their drop tests.

Check out the unscientific video below and see the painful drop tests yourself:

YouTube video

Another video: Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR drop test

YouTube video

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