Samsung Developing Two More Foldable Smartphones: Bloomberg

It’s the year of the foldable phone if Samsung has anything to say about it.


A report from Bloomberg reveals that Samsung is working on two new foldable smartphones in addition to the Galaxy Fold, as the South Korean manufacturer hopes an expanded lineup would help it secure the foldable phone market.

According to the report, Samsung is experimenting with new designs, as one of the new models could land in the form of a clamshell-like smartphone. This particular device could be unveiled later this year or in early 2020, possibly alongside the successor to the Galaxy S10.

One of the upcoming smartphones reportedly has a large screen that wraps around the outside of the device, much like Huawei’s Mate X, while the other will arrive as a vertically-oriented clamshell phone with a smaller external display. The latter seems somewhat similar to the incoming Moto Razr remake, which will reportedly feature a clamshell design reminiscent of Motorola’s original flip-phone.

Bloomberg also reports that Samsung is still trying to improve the durability of the Galaxy Fold that’s set for a limited April launch. A crease appears on the device’s display after it’s been folded around 10,000 times, which could be a major problem for customers, though Samsung is apparently considering offering free screen replacements for affected users.

Samsung is working on all of these new devices to compete against other OEMs like Huawei and Xiaomi, as both are also working on foldable display smartphones. With the smartphone market becoming stagnant, manufacturers need to find new technology and innovation to market and sell, and for the time being, it looks like the foldable smartphone is the way to go.

When Samsung introduced its Galaxy Fold at its Unpacked event in February, it stole most of the spotlight from the other four phones the company announced there as well, including a 5G phone. Though many are intrigued by the Galaxy Fold, its consumer appeal may be limited by its uncommon design, limited availability, and price.