Fido Loyalty Offer: 100% Discount on 3GB Tablet Data Plan for 12 Months If You Ask Nicely

Rogers flanker brand Fido appears to have brought back a 100% discount on its $15/3GB monthly tablet data plan.

Earlier this month, Fido offered 50% off this tablet data plan, taking it down to $7.50/3GB for 24 months, but now according to users on RFD, a previous 100% discount is now back for 12 months.

User ‘RunnerForDeals’ writes their tablet discount from last year had recently expired, so initiating an online chat resulted in a loyalty offer of a free tablet data plan again:

Mine, from last year, expired recently and so I opened up a chat session with their support and they told me that they would be able to apply it again.

The agent, at first, told me that I was NOT eligible because I already had it but then the agent, on their own accord, asked their floor support and the floor support came back with a new offer that the agent didn’t know about. The agent said “there is a 100% off offer has recently opened” and so the agent applied it for me.

Again, to get this 100% loyalty discount from Fido for their $15/3GB tablet deal, you need to start an online chat and politely ask for it. There are two separate offers, one with 100% off for 12 months or 50% off for 24 months. Other members were able to corroborate this deal and wrote they similarly received it too from Fido agents.

This Fido tablet data plan on a SIM card can be popped into an iPhone, for data use only with apps such as Fongo for calling and messaging.

Let us know if you’re able to get this Fido tablet plan loyalty offer by speaking with the company.