Koodo Price Increase: Tab Medium Plans Now Start at $50 Per Month

Koodo has made some changes today to its Tab Medium plans, increasing the minimum plan price to $50 per month, up from $45, according to internal documents seen by iPhone in Canada.

The change—a $5 increase for those seeking a Tab Medium contract—is effective as of today, March 21, 2019. Koodo’s website currently reflects this change—check out our before and after screenshot below:

Koodo tab medium price increase

“Tab Medium entry point has changed to $50,” reads the document, further explaining “customers must take an in-market plan that is $50 or higher in order to be eligible for Tab Medium.”

Customers signing a two-year contract on Tab Medium get a $360 loan towards a smartphone, repaid monthly over 24 months ($15 x 24) on top of their voice plan. Tab Medium eligible Apple devices currently include the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7.

The current entry Tab Medium plan is $50 with 4GB of data and 500 Canada-wide anytime minutes, plus unlimited SMS/MMS.

Back in February, Koodo confirmed to iPhone in Canada it currently had ‘no plans’ to increase the price of its promo $60/10GB plan, despite Rogers, Fido, Bell, Virgin bumping prices by $5, and parent company Telus by $10 (if you call and voice your displeasure, you can get 5GB free from Telus retentions).